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Sweet Handmade Binder Cover with Gunungan Hand Embroidery


Handmade item
Size : 20 ring (A5) / 26 ring (B5)
Materials: magnetic button, lace, Soft denim, calico, embroidery thread
Ships worldwide from Semarang, Central Java

Puppet is one of the Indonesian culture. On this occasion Limomade choose gunungan. Gunungan is shaped puppet mountain image and its contents. Underneath the picture there is a gate that is guarded by two giant who holds a sword and shield. It symbolizes the palace gate, and at the time played mound used as a palace. At the top of the mountain there is a tree that is wrapped by a dragon.
In these gunungan there are also images of various forest animals. Describes the state of the overall picture in the wilderness. Gunungan symbolize the state of the world and its contents. Before the puppet play, Gunungan plugged in the middle of the screen, leaning slightly to the right which means that the puppet play has not started yet, like the world that has not beriwayat. Once played, Gunungan revoked, lined up on the right. 
Gunungan will be used also as a sign alternation of the play / story stages. To the mountains planted in the middle of the left-leaning. In addition it is also used to symbolize the mountain of fire or wind. In this case Gunungan reversed, on the contrary there are only red-red paint, and this is the color that symbolizes fire. 
Gunungan are also used to symbolize the jungle, and played at the time rampogan scene, alert soldiers with various weapons. In this case can act as a Gunungan of soil, jungle, roads and so on, which follows the dialogue of a manipulator. After the play is finished, Gunungan plugged again in the middle of the screen, symbolizing that the story is finished.

binder cover is the cover of a binder, the binder is usually used by learners / students / public to take a course, or a seminar, etc.. very easy to use as it only requires a paper A5 or B5 is available in bookstores. binder cover made ​​limomade aims to make binders display looks beautiful and not boring. because the cover is very easy to change the dressing.

this binder cover is include the binder.

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