LIMOMADE is a brand from Indonesia who produce fashion items made by hand (handmade) with vintage theme. 
LIMO comes from Javanese language, which means five, which is a depiction of the fingers of our hands, amounting to five and also reflect on our products that have a hand-made basis. We chose to establish a handmade business originated from a lack of capital to establish a business, we see a lot of the fabric when it is unused and wasted, so we utilize the cloth to make handmade such as wallet, pouch, etc.
In this effort we want to create a limited edition handmade products that have a different character and each design only produce five pieces, thus minimizing the possibility of others using the product with the same form as we have and move all people to be able to make their own handmade in LIMOmade.

LIMOMADE, .We establised since February 14, 2013 We live in Semarang, INDONESIA.Founder of LIMOMADE initially consist of 5 people, but for some reason it is now two people living owner, they are Mita and Iesha. We love vintage, hand embroidery, detail, sketches, so that our works range in the area. We are very dedicated to handmade products because we think the handmade products is an offering from the heart. We believe our customers have a sense of high artistic value, and we try to satisfy every customer demand by creating a quality product and not the market.



Making handmade limited edition product that has a different character. Every design, only produce max five pieces, so as to minimize the possibility of someone else using the product with the same form as we have. And move the hearts of all people to be able to make their own handmade in Limomade.


Change the mindset that everyone is handmade better than machine
Creating a creative handmade products and improve product positioning

. Tote Bag
. Little Bag
. Backpack
. Pouch
. Tab Pouch
. Book / Binder Cover
. Wallet
. T-shirt

. Wedding Souvenir
. Wedding Gifts
. Birthday Gifts
. Personal
. etc.

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