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Sweet Handmade Binder Cover with dewi sinta hand embroidery


Handmade item
Size: 20 ring (A5) cm
Materials: cotton, magnetic button, lace, button, weaving hadloom, calico, embroidery thread
Ships worldwide from Semarang, Central Java

Puppet is one of the Indonesian culture. On this occasion Limomade choose character Dewi Sinta. Dewi Sinta is the daughter of King Janaka, king Mantili state or Mitila (Mahabharata). Dewi Sinta believed to be the incarnation of Sri Widowati Bathari, Bathara wife of Vishnu. Besides being very beautiful, Goddess Sita is the daughter of a very loyal, Jatmika (always with good manners) and holy trilaksita (speech, mind and heart) it. Dewi Sinta married to Ramawijaya, son of King Dasarata with Goddess Kusalya from state to Ayodhya, after Rama wins the contest lift the bow of Lord Shiva in the country Mantili. Of the marriage he had two sons each named; Lawa and Kusya.
Dewi Sinta is the main female character in Ramayana cycles. She was the daughter of King Janaka of State Manthili. Sri Rama managed to win the contest in the form of raised bow royal heritage and eventually marry Dewi Sinta. Dewi Sinta is the figure of a female character who is very loyal. Beautiful woman willing to live with her husband's struggling luxury rather than live under his father. In the epic Ramayana is told that King Ravana was very interested to Dewi Sinta and kidnapped him. Sri Rama fought desperately until finally managed to get back Dewi Sinta. He is one of the most famous characters in the world thanks to the Ramayana.

binder cover is the cover of a binder, the binder is usually used by learners / students / public to take a course, or a seminar, etc.. very easy to use as it only requires a paper A5 or B5 is available in bookstores. binder cover made ​​limomade aims to make binders display looks beautiful and not boring. because the cover is very easy to change the dressing.

this binder cover is include the binder.

limited edition guys..

do not hesitate to ask us.. ^^

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