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Sweet Handmade Binder Cover with Gatotkaca Hand Embroidery


Handmade item
Size: 20 ring (A5)
Materials: cotton, magnetic buttons, lace, weaving handloom, calico, embroidery thread
Ships worldwide from Semarang, Central Java

Puppet is one of the arts and culture in Indonesia. At this moment LIMOMADE want to lift some of the characters in the puppet. "otot kawat balung wesi" that's the name for this one puppet, yap ... he was Ghatotkacha. Ghatotkacha is the son of Bimasena Pandawa’s family were born of a woman giant named Hidimbi. Hidimbi itself is a gigantic ruler of a forest; lived with her sister named Hidimba (in Javanese wayang, mother Gathutkaca better known as Arimbi. According to this version, Arimbi not just ordinary forest dwellers, but the daughter of the Kingdom Pringgadani, land of the giant). 
In Indonesia, Ghatotkacha became very popular puppet characters. For example, in Javanese wayang, he is known by Gatutkaca (Javanese: Gathutkaca). Miracle narrated remarkable, among other things able to fly in space without the use of wings 
Ghatotkacha have dispositive nature; brave, steadfast, strong, wise, alert, nimble, agile, resilient and has a great sense of responsibility. He is very powerful, has a Narantaka Aji, giving resi Seta.

binder cover is the cover of a binder, the binder is usually used by learners / students / public to take a course, or a seminar, etc.. very easy to use as it only requires a paper A5 or B5 is available in bookstores. binder cover made ​​limomade aims to make binders display looks beautiful and not boring. because the cover is very easy to change the dressing.

this binder cover is include the binder

limited edition guys...

do not hesitate to ask us ^^...

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